In order to maximize the shareholders value, China Technology Industry Group Limited ("Company") has diversified it's scope of business and entered into the new energy industry.

New Energy Power System Integration

The Company provides Power system integration services, which is different from contracting and does not provide the related construction works. System integration refers to the optimization of technologies in the civil engineering system, electrical system and other ancillary system, database technologies, surveillance and software management. The Company shall source equipment and products from different vendors based on the scale and capacity of the respective power stations, and subsequently carry out integration of the separated equipment, functions and information into a connected, unified and coordinated system. System integration enables the utilization of resources at their best so as to enhance optimization of performance of the entire system and achieve centralized, high efficiency, balanced performance, as well as low cost management. We also offers subsequent system management services to the power stations.

To provide system integration service, the Company posses ample knowledge in the structure and construction of power station as well as the knowledge in the products and technologies of different manufacturers so as to propose the best system method and technical solution.